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The demo for Usinna's Adventure has now been replaced with the intended full version that I at one point thought I could complete in a three month game development course but hey, what video game project doesn't have a release date change or two. I guess I could have made environments flashier but I've worked with this for six months and just wanted to finally get it out. Maybe I'll look into it if I decide to make an HD remake in the future.

 In the levels from the demo I've made the color of ice platforms darker and most importantly a highlight color on characters to let players know when they are able to talk to them. Even after full release I'm open for suggestions for improvements though keep in mind that as a first timer my skill level may not be high enough to implement some of them.

I also realized in mid development that I haven't looked into details of all the licences for the sound effects I took form freesound.org so if you are a creator of one or more or the sounds and feel that I haven't given you proper credit let me know.

So here it is: The first video game I've developed of hopefully many more. Thank you all who helped to make it possible.


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Sep 12, 2019

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