Update to Versio 1.1 (I Don't Know How Version Numbers Work)

I've now updated the game to make several life improvements, most of them inspired by youtuber Madhog Thy Master's playthrough of it. The most important ones include:

  • In the main menu leaving from different page can now be done by simply pressing "x".
  • "X" works now as an alternate jump button.
  • The indicator that informs the player is in the right spot to talk to Orpa and Kunuk have been made clearer.
  • In the final battle Usinna gets the ability to double jump. There's been an added dialogue with Orpa to inform those people who didn't bother to read this update post.

This is probably the last update I'll make for this game as it's time to focus on school and future projects. Thanks for your support.


Usinna's Adventure.zip Play in browser
Oct 14, 2019

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